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Fort Hood troops unveil more than 100 new JLTVs

Posted at 4:39 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-05 20:09:45-04

FORT HOOD, TX — Troops at Fort Hood are giving us a first look at some of their new Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

Fort Hood officials say this is one of the first efforts in the initiative to modernize technology and equipment at posts across the military.

Fort Hoods received approximately 159 new JLTVs and they’re some of the first JLTVs seen here on American soil.

“The Humvees and the state that the Humvees are in, it’s just kind of getting close to their half shelf life. The JLTV provides us with a little more capabilities which makes them more efficient,” said Sgt. Maj. Joshua Perkins with Fort Hood.

The new JLTVs will replace the Humvees, which the military has used for decades. These vehicles will provide more monitors and other upgraded technology as well as a bigger payload.

“Most importantly it increases the survivability of the occupants inside that vehicle. Which is extremely important,” said Perkins.

The JLTV’s height can be raised and lowered to help soldiers cross water and other territories.

“It also has different capabilities that we can do in regards to going over all terrain and or rough terrain due to the suspension platforms that are put inside of it,” said Perkins.

Soldiers are set to begin JLTV training very soon.

“The soldiers will be starting training sometime next weekend or the week after throughout the next couple months. This allow them to get licensed properly, understand the capabilities of the JLTV,” said Perkins.

Officials say they plan to receive more JLTVs later this year along with other efforts to modernize Fort Hood.