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Faces of Fort Hood: Sgt. Joshua Macias

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-16 15:19:34-04

FORT HOOD, Texas — Meet Sergeant Joshua Macias, a non-commissioned officer with the 2nd Squadron in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and this year’s 3rd Armored Corps NCO of the year.

Something his commander wasn’t surprised to hear.

”I am extremely proud of Sgt. Macias,” said Command Sergeant Major Christian Requejo of the 2nd Squadron of 3rd Cavalry Regiment. “I see him all the time in the field demonstrating what it takes to be a good non-commissioned officer.”

Macias joined the Army at 22 years old when he decided living life as a personal fitness trainer in San Antonio wasn't enough for him.

”I was just in a cycle of working and paying bills.” said Macias. “I didn’t really feel like I was getting ahead like I wanted to. Nor did I feel like I was being challenged. I knew that I was living comfortably but I wasn't using my potential to its fullest.”

Finding a home with the 2nd Squadron not only helps him reach that potential he knew he had, but it has also given him a second family.

”I love my job,” he said. “My job is a lot of fun. I’ve gotten the chance to work with some amazing people and I've been trained on a lot of different things.”

In fact, he took that training and his new family to the III Corps best squad competition this year, and though they came in third place, his training and leadership earned him the title of best NCO in the entire Corps.

Something he is both honored and humbled to receive because he put on the uniform for his country and not himself.

”As cliché as it sounds, it’s selfless service,” he said. “It’s just committing your efforts, your abilities, your skills, and your leadership to something that’s going to benefit other people and not just yourself.”

That is why those who work with him say III Corps picked the right NCO.

”To see Sgt. Macias be selected as the 3rd Armored Corps NCO of the year; it couldn’t have happened to a better NCO,” said Requejo

No NCO can be named the best without a team that follows his lead and those are the people he has a message for.

”I love you all. Y’all are great, y’all killed it and I'm proud of y’all,” said Sgt. Macias.

Macias is one of many NCOs in the 3rd Armored Corps but this year he shows all others an example to live up to.