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6 months later, family still looking for missing Fort Hood soldier that vanished without a trace

Posted at 9:43 AM, Feb 07, 2020

FORT HOOD — A family has been looking for a missing Fort Hood soldier for nearly 6 months. He was days away from being processed out of the Army when he vanished.

He has made no payments on his car, missed his divorce and missed a family tragedy - things his mother said he would never skip.

Pvt. Gregory Wedel-Morales, 24, officially went missing Aug. 20, 2019. He hasn't been heard of since.

Wedel's mother, Kim, said she is sick with worry, and she has no idea where her son could be.

"In my opinion, that's not like him, so something is going on" she said.

Describing Greg, Kim Wedel says her middle son is kind and your typical 'good ole' boy'.

According to Fort Hood officials, Wedel is a Private assigned to the 150th Composite Transportation Company.

After Wedel disappearance, he was marked as AWOL. But after 30 days passed, they upgraded his status to Deserter.

Desertion carries a maximum punishment of dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay, and confinement of five years. An offender who is AWOL for 30 days automatically is considered to have deserted his or her post (without proof of intent).

Fort Hood explained to 25 News that at a certain point, they halted their search efforts and provided Wedel's name to authorities nationwide.

They also said that if he is caught, Wedel will be transported back to Fort Hood to be Court Marshaled.

Wedel's mother repeatedly said that fleeing has never been in Greg's nature.

"My fear is we'll never find him," she said.

Just days prior to vanishing, Wedel and his mother were discussing his future plans after he was processed out of the Army, something he was mere days away from completing.

Dreaming of a career in energy conservation, his mother said "so he had plans, just, none of it makes sense."

His mother emphazised that it wouldn't be like him to just leave.

Since his disappearance, the Wedel Family has fielded several extortion attempts claiming Greg was held hostage, all of which were vetted by the FBI and deemed scams, according to the Wedel Family.

Another odd thing in his disappearance - Greg had bought a car prior to vanishing, it hasn't been seen since. His mother said "no payments have been made on the car that we can track...he just disappeared, and he had just bought it the week before."

His mother, now fearing the worst, pleads to the public for help.

"It's six months - it's hard to have hope that he's just gonna show up," said Wedel.

Anyone with information on Pvt Gregory Wedel-Morales' disappearance or his current whereabouts is asked to call their local authorities immediately.