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1st Cavalry Division Veterans visit Fort Hood in celebration of Cav Week

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jun 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-06 19:21:49-04

FORT HOOD, TX — Cav week began at Fort Hood on Wednesday.

Cav week is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the unique and special character of the Cavalry trooper now and throughout history. It is important to honor the troopers who build the legacy we are entrusted with today. These events are key to ensuring they remain 1st Cavalry Division Troopers for Life.
1st Cavalry Division

As a part of the week-long celebration, dozens of First Cavalry Division Veterans came together for their 72nd reunion.

For Vietnam veteran Michael Hoopaugh, the reunion is a moment that brings him full circle. He was born on Fort Hood and then later served and retired from the Great place.

"In First Cav, I was a 67 November Huey Mechanic, I would work on the birds and once in a while they would let me fly behind the gun,” Hoopaugh said.

On Thursday, Hoopaugh got the chance to relive his glory days.

"Oh, it's amazing, you know comparing this to what I use to work on and fly in, you know it’s the difference between night and day," Hoopaugh said.

While most took the day to reminisce on their military careers, others, like Jean Busby took the day to reflect.

Busby’s father worked on the Pearl Harbor Military base during the 1941 attack by the Japanese.

"A Japanese plane flew over our car and back into the ships that were all there and bombed the ships," Busby said.

Which is why when she flew over the Pacific Ocean during her time in the flight simulator, she took a moment to remember what it was.

Those who attended the reunion said whether it be for healing or reliving a proud moment they enjoy coming back to Fort Hood.

"There is just a comradeship that you develop under combat that stays with you forever and, like I said, this is my second one and I am going to keep coming for as long as my feet will carry me,” Hoopaugh said.

Cav Week will continue Friday with a Spirit of the Cav Ceremony.

The week-long celebration wraps up on Wednesday.