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Brazos Valley food banks are facing declining supplies

Posted at 6:17 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 19:17:31-04

BRAZOS COUNTY — During this global pandemic more people are turning to local food banks and pantries in order to have food on the table.

This is causing food banks like the Brazos Valley Food Bank to see a decrease in food supply

“The day goes by very fast but it feels like we have been dealing with COVID for six months,” explains Theresa Mangapora, the Brazos Valley Food Bank Executive Director. "With the schools closing was kind of the first indicator, at least to us in the Brazos Valley, that this was becoming pretty real."

Since the number of coronavirus cases goes up, more people are needing help making ends meet.

The Brazos Valley Food Bank has made it mission to make sure no one in their community goes hungry.

“Just trying to make it as easy as possible for people to get something they very much need to stay alive, food but also not making them sick in the process," explains Mangapora.

With 80 percent of their food going to support local food pantries, most have implemented curb side pick up in efforts to keep their social distancing.

“We’re running on a smaller crew each day to keep everyone safe and make sure we don’t get within 6 feet of each other as much as possible,” explains Brazos Church Pantry Coordinator Karin Doerr.

Local food pantries, like the Brazos Church Pantry, have seen a 66 percent increase within a week of people needing food.

This has caused people to turn to the food bank for more.

"So, for right now we have been able to get all the extra food that we need and hopefully that will continue," explains Doerr. "I know the supply chain has some issues with food coming into food banks and so things may start to get worse in the coming days but we just have to wait and see.”

As these front line workers continue to do all they can to serve their community, Mangapora explains they also need the communities help.

"Three of our fundraisers that would’ve happened between April and June are not going to happen now and that a good $100,000 probably that i am losing but i need to have that to make those general bills be paid."

Donations to the Brazos Valley Food bank can be made online at www.bvfb.org/donate.