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Brazos County is not mandating face masks for now

Posted at 6:30 PM, Jun 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-22 19:30:49-04

BRAZOS CO, TX — Mask orders are slowing going into effect in cities across Central Texas while others are following Governor Abbott's lead and not requiring masks.

As Brazos County continues to combat community spread, the county and cities have not issued any proclamations mandating face coverings.

“I’m not really a fan requiring face masks,” says Brazos County Judge Duane Peters.

After the City of Waco issued a mandatory mask order Friday, towns like Hewitt and Woodway followed suit, but some people are disagreeing.

“Local orders can’t override what the governor says and they are overstepping their bounds,” says resident Mike Maas.

Bryan Mayor Andrew Nelson says he's waiting to have further discussion with county health officials along with College Station Mayor Karl Mooney and Brazos County Judge Duane Peters.

One big questions is who would enforce a mask mandate?

“I don't know who would enforce it. if we passed an order to require everybody to wear face masks, so are people going to be calling 9-1-1 because they see people that don't have masks on?" says Judge Peters. "And so, is law enforcement going to be required to go out to one of the grocery stores because somebody doesn’t have their mask on?”

Currently, in Brazos County, some shoppers are voluntarily wearing masks, but there are many who aren't.

Mike Maas thinks it should be the individual's choice.

“If you’re susceptible to the virus then it should be your responsibility to take care of yourself and whatever that means, that is what you need to do," Maas said.

During Governor Greg Abbott's press conference, his message was mixed...he said he will not require masks statewide, but says wearing a mask will help us keep Texas open.

As of right now, the surrounding counties in the Brazos Valley do not have a mask order for their residents.