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Area businesses excited for the Bryan/College Station's record-breaking growth

Posted at 7:44 AM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 08:44:24-05

Many business owners are looking forward to the future of Bryan/College Station.

As the cities continue to grow, the chamber of commerce was happy to report they're going in the right direction.

Realtor, Randal Allison is attending the 2020 economic outlook conference, for not only his benefit, but his clients as well.

“We're in a dynamic part of the state of Texas, constantly growing this information helps me do a better job for the people I serve,” Allison said.

Bryan and College Station are both show annual growth, and Bryan is seeing an increase in one particular area

“It's been a tremendous record-breaking year, new growth certainly residential and that was the main message,” Joey Dunn, Bryan Deputy City Manager, said.

Dunn explains that because the city is investing in old and new areas it brings a draw for business

“Doesn't matter if it’s out of town business or local businesses or existing businesses - we want them to know that the city is investing in the future,” Dunn said.

And it then leads to road, building and many more improvements to make the city looking its best

“That leads to confidence that builds confidence, and we want the business community to know that we're open for business,” Dunn said.

As for Allison and his business, when he hears about renovations to the city it puts a smile on his face.

“Personally, as a REALTOR, it will just help it grow,” Allison said.