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Aggies raise over $30k after Dixie Chicken's roof collapses in storm

Posted at 5:45 PM, May 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-28 18:46:40-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — An Aggieland staple in College Station had their roof collapse Wednesday night during one the thunderstorms that rolled through Brazos County.

The Dixie Chicken's roof collapse has been the talk around Aggieland.

“The chicken is the staple of Northgate. It is been the most traditional bar for the longest time,” says Texas A&M Alum Nolan Townsend.

The Dixie Chicken in College Station isn't just a business, it's where Aggies gather, and have gathered, for decades. It's stood the test of time, but Wednesday night the historic bar’s roof couldn’t support everything mother nature brought down.

“A little before 9 o’clock the heavy rains, the heavy wind that was coming down the portion of the roof where the snake cage is, where the pool tables are did collapse. It kind of happened really fast,” describes The Dixie Chicken Marketing Director Adam Drake.

It's one of the oldest standing buildings in the Northgate district, and a city of College Station building inspector has spent the day surveying the damage.

"Just based off of the little information we have right now, I don’t have immediate concerns for the neighboring property,” says Brian Binford, City of College Station Building Official.

With clean up underway, structural engineers are still assessing the storm damage.

"The damage is all in that one portion it looks like there is probably some structural steel in there which is a good sign as opposed to being all wood construction,” says Binford.

Meanwhile, owners are glad nobody inside was injured and they're overwhelmed with the support they've been receiving from the Aggie family.

"When something like this happens, when a pandemic hits and so many people are just right there beside you to help you through it, its been really inspiring," says Drake.

Though there is a huge hole in the roof, the Dixie Chicken’s foundation is standing strong, just like the Aggie spirit.

If you feel the call to help, there has been an official GoFundMe page set up, 'Dixie Chicken Strong', which can be found on their social media pages.