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Why this year's Census is important for all of Central Texas

Judges: Trump order to exclude people violates the law
Posted at 6:41 AM, Sep 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-14 07:41:37-04

BELL COUNTY, TX — Bell County has always served an important role in Texas, first as a major railway center, and now as one of Texas' fastest-growing counties.

"In 1990 the census population for Bell County was 191-thousand. The 2020 census numbers, I think will approach 400-thousand," predicted Bell County Judge David Blackburn. People we talked to, believe he's right on the money. But if all those new people don't get counted, Bell County misses out on federal aid and taxpayers like Katie Adams must come up with more from their own pockets.

"This is a neighborhood full of families and kids and parents want their children put in the best spot the best area," said Katie Adams of West Temple.

But the best spots cost money, federal help, makes it affordable, but only if everyone stands up to get counted.

Developers who've made West Temple the star of fast growing stage of Texas say they'll keep pursuing both commercial and residential growth.

"If you look around here we serve private business owners and residents and Keilla real estate group we have a commercial and residential side," said Selina Powell, Sales manager Kiella Homebuilders

Because, as Randy Pittenger President and CEO of the Belton Chamber of Commerce puts it, Texas' growth centers on one key region and we sit in the middle of it.

"Texas is growing rapidly It's really the golden Triangle, Dallas, Houston San Antonio...that's where all the growth is, massive growth." he said.

So cities like Waco have waged a huge get out the count blitz to let everyone know the important role the census plays in our daily lives, as more people come to our region every day.

"we'll see it in the census as all that continues," said Pittenger.