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Voters focus on the ballot ahead of election day

Posted at 7:03 PM, Feb 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-03 20:03:17-05

BELL COUNTY, TX — Voter registration came to a wrap Monday, leaving many focusing on the issues and races on the ballot. The party propositions on both the Republican and Democratic ballot drum up serious, but very different, issues across the political spectrum.

“The primary issues that affect immigrant rights, that affect fair taxation, that affect fair healthcare,” said T. C. Langford, Chair of the Brazos County Democratic Party, naming just a few of the key issues on the ballot.

Also on the Democratic ballot, one of the major propositions focuses on gun control.

“There’s a party proposition that everyone in Texas has the right to live a life free of gun violence, racial hatred, terrorism, domestic violence, bullying, harassment or sexual assault so that Texans can grow in a safe environment,’” said Dr. Jeffrey Dixon of A&M Central Texas, reading off a sample ballot. He says there is a bigger meaning behind the question.

“That’s not a law, and it’s not going to become a law. It’s essentially trying to convince people that gun control is a good idea or that gun control is worth voting on,” said Dixon.

Registered voters will also weigh-in on their fair share of issues.

“There are 10 ballot propositions that will be at the end of the ballot to look at. They are put forth by the Republican Party of Texas, and so from that standpoint they are all important to the Republicans feel about those issues,” said David Hilburn of the Republican Party of Brazos County.

Dixon says the underlying focus of carrying a party message is also true across the aisle. The first proposition focuses on whether prayer should be restricted in public schools.

“Given that it’s not restricted or prohibited, nobody seems to suggest prohibiting it. This can only be talking about something the Supreme Court has to change its mind on,” said Dixon.

While each question carries strong feelings, voters are urged to read the ballot before hitting the polls.