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Village of Salado prepares for more rainfall as creek swells

Posted at 5:42 PM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 19:17:51-04

SALADO, TX — All low water crossings in the Village of Salado are closed after several inches of rain caused the Salado Creek to swell out of its banks.

Jeff Evans has lived in the Village of Salado since 2004 and says the water rose toward his home.

"I came out at about 7:30 p.m. and it had already just about crested then, so it was about 40 feet from my house,” Evans said.

Thursday’s rainfall trapped Evans and his family inside of his home on Friday.

“We were actually flooded in. We would have had to cross swift-moving water either here or back up the road," said Evans.

The Salado Creek rose 10-feet Thursday night, bringing its normal level of 2 feet, up to 12 feet. It prompted the Village to close 10 different streets, including Main Street, where the creek swelled over a bridge.

"That bridge, once the waters came down, TxDOT looked at it and inspected it and in the process of cleaning it up, they found no damage caused by the floodwaters," Village Manager Don Ferguson said.

And the Village says with rain expected to continue, they are prepared.

"Our concern is that as saturated as things are, it's not going to take a lot more to fire it up again and once it fires up it's going to be a lot meaner than it is right now so we are anxious about that, but we will be fully staffed with emergency personnel and city personnel to deal with whatever situation arises," Ferguson added.

If would like to keep an eye on closure in the area, you can check out the Village of Salado website or Facebook page.