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Vice President Pence delivers remarks during his visit to Fort Hood

Posted at 5:27 AM, Oct 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 12:14:35-04

KILLEEN, TX — Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Killeen Monday evening ahead of a scheduled visit to Fort Hood on Tuesday.

The Vice President first traveled to Baton Rouge, LA to speak at a reception for "Eddie Rispone for Governor."

During Vice President Pence's visit to Fort Hood, he observed a training exercise, participated in a veteran transition roundtable, and delivered remarks to U.S. Army uniformed and civilian personnel.

"For all the men and women who work and deploy for Fort Hood, the American people stand with you everyday.. And President Donald Trump will always have your back," said Pence to soldiers at Fort Hood.

The Vice President went on tell the soldiers to stay vigilant, mind their mission, and keep taking care of each other. He told them to never doubt that each decision they make matters to the American people.

"Under this Commander-in-Chief, we've taken the fight to radical Islamic soldiers...Men and women of the U.S. Army have been the tip of the spear, and you always will be," said Vice President Pence.

After Pence's visit to Fort Hood Tuesday, he plans to travel to Austin where he will speak at a Trump victory luncheon. After that, the Vice President returns to Washington D.C.