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Ukraine native living in Central Texas says her parents are in their homeland braving the war

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-06 19:20:56-05

For many Americans, home is a phone call away. Tetyana Quiles, moved to Central Texas over a decade ago from Germany but she's originally from Ukraine.

Looking back on her life she feels blessed for the opportunity to be in this country, in Central Texas in particular. Especially during today's current times, where there's the war in Ukraine.

Quiles works at Texas A&M Central Texas as manager of events services and when she's not delved into her work, she's reaching out to her 80-year-old parents who are in their home country, Ukraine.

“I am blessed to have my parents, and before the war started I'd call my mom and ask her how you did this, or how did you do that ... now they are definitely in a warzone, on every corner they see they have a patrol," Tetyana said. "So [the] military is everywhere, but they have learned to live with this. At the very beginning, they were very cautious to go out, but right now people are trying to keep the normal style of living as much as possible."

Quiles' parents are set at home, they want to protect and safeguard where they find the most peace though things are challenging for them right now.

"It is definitely super challenging, how do you get prepared for a war, you cannot," said Quiles.

It's what leading nations are still trying to wrap their heads and resources around.

For now, Quiles is sharing her story, encouraging other Ukraine - Americans who may have family back at home to remain strong.

“This is what we have right now, and they are survivors, they have those survival skills and they are not willing to give up.”