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U.S. veterans training Ukrainians to save lives on the battlefield

Posted at 7:12 PM, Mar 31, 2022

Millions of Americans have put on a uniform to serve their country out of a duty and a need to help those who need it.

American service members know all too well the cost of freedom, and now the world is watching as Ukraine fights for that very thing.

Now U.S. veterans are stepping up to save lives on the battlefields of Ukraine.

"We’ve been here on the ground, supporting and training in terms of Tactical Casualty Combat Care and other advanced lifesaving tactics. Sometimes, we’re teaching this to civilians who have been basically standing up their own organizations and community efforts.” said Daniel, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Combat Medic with Austere Medical Relief Group.

Not only are they providing crucial training to save lives on the battlefield, but they are also working to get the right medical supplies to make that training effective and that is where U.S. Army veteran Michael Mcgarrey comes in.

"Somebody gives me a task of organizing transportation and logistics and I just make sure I get it done,” said Michael Mcgarrey, U.S. Army combat veteran with Austere Medical Relief Group Operations Manager.

Michael was key to establishing a pipeline from Romania to where they are deep in Ukraine.

"A pipeline that we are utilizing to get equipment and personnel to these eastern areas. Which is a far drive. From where me and Mike came from originally at the border it’s over 15 hours,” said Daniel

They are now finding themselves in dire need of funding to keep saving lives as Russia continues its relentless attacks on Ukraine.

"If we have the funding, what it allows us to do, is to give them this training with the equipment they need to save their own life or someone else’s life,"said Daniel.

Whether they be a frontline civil defense member, a Ukrainian military member, a police officer, or just a local shopkeeper because these people are having war come right to their front door.”

They need the community's help and as a Texas native and Army veteran Michael is calling on his fellow Texans and veterans to do just that.

"We have that natural urge to want to serve something bigger than ourselves, and what is there bigger than yourself ... than a county fighting for its freedom?” said Mcgarrey.

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