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Turkey Day not over yet for one Killeen ISD teacher

Posted at 2:26 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 15:26:07-05

KILLEN, TX — Turkey Day may be over... but not for one fifth grade teacher at Reeces Creek Elementary!

For three weeks, Aida Valentin's class, alongside the rest of the grade, competed to see which teacher would be "doomed" to wear a turkey outfit for a day.

The fund-raising contest was simple enough.

Every class displayed a featherless turkey on their door. From there, students, parents, and staff members alike purchased feathers for just 25 cents apiece!

For fifth-grader Andrew Brija, student council treasurer, the school community's generosity was beyond exciting.

“The cool thing,” said Brija, “is we raised almost $1,000 for student council to help the school and to have fun.”

School counselor Heikkinen was also proud of her hard-working council members.

“We had no funds to start the year,” she said. “I thought maybe we could raise $500 with this. I was surprised.
I have a good group.”

The final tally was $968.37.

“It felt like we helped a lot,” said fifth-grader Isibell Olalde, the council president. “I was proud of our school.”

That's where the good news ends. Well, at least for Valentine, who had her students make their own turkey hats to go with her festive costume!

“It was funny,” said Brija, one of Valentin’s students. “Today, it was super-funny. She wasn’t happy about it.”