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Troy ISD holds meeting to review dress code, in process of developing committee to formally review dress code

Posted at 10:46 PM, May 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 10:15:07-04

TROY, TX — It’s been a tough month for Maddox Cozart, the bi-racial student who spent two weeks suspended in school because of his braided hairstyle, which violated the school’s dress code.

“The educators and people who he looks up to have come down on him and told him he’s wrong and punishes him for how he looks,” said Maddox’s Mother Hope Cozart.

Cozart says he’s no longer suspended but he’s still getting lunch detention and his hair examined daily.

Cozart said her daughter, Mia, has also faced scrutiny at school.

“The two youngest have decided they don’t want to attend public school after everything they’ve been through,” said Cozart.

On Wednesday, Troy ISD held a meeting to review the dress code and get the community’s thoughts. Troy ISD officials say they’re in the process of developing a committee filled with students, parents and teachers to formally review the dress code, which is done every three years.

“We do take this seriously and we try to come up with the dress code that is representative of the community in which we operate the school district,” said Troy ISD Superintendent Neil Jeter.

The board could’ve taken immediate action to change the dress code but choose not to.

“Some had said they’re gonna cut Maddox’s hair and even protest in front of our house,” said Cozart.

After threats, punishments and no signs of change to the district’s policy. Cozart said her family can’t wait much longer.

“I have to do its best for my kids and if they don’t feel safe in a public school, we’re going to try other options,” said Cozart.

Last week the family testified in Austin in favor of The CROWN Act, which aims to end hair discrimination, the bill was unanimously voted out of the House Committee for State Affairs 12-0. No word yet on when the larger house may vote.

Troy ISD officials say they're still looking to fill their Student Dress Code Committee and begin their review process soon.

Below is an overview of the proposed plan.

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