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Tips on how to prevent theft after the holidays

Posted at 8:33 AM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 09:33:32-05

Before taking your holiday trash to the curb, be sure to break down boxes and check holiday pick up times in your area.

Garbage left unattended could be used as a tip off to thieves looking to get their hands on your Christmas gifts. It's one reason why Chuck Bell stays busy as owner of 'Connect My Home' in Killeen.

"We've been doing hook ups for new move ins in the area for almost 4 years here in the Central Texas area," Bell said.

As a home security dealer, Bell said that while breaking down boxes and limiting the amount of time trash spends on your curb matters, nothing works better than a camera.

"If they are concerned about what is going in their front yard or people walking up to their door that they dont know, you could put one of those systems in yourself," Bell said.

Improving technology has made popular devices like 'Blink' and 'Ring' both affordable and capable of catching criminals in action.

Bell said it's important "If you're trying to make sure people aren't going through your trash and staking out your home.

"However, he said it doesn't come without it's downsides."If you are ordering it online, who is doing the installation? Who is doing the technical hooking up to your wifi and making sure it's synced to your phone," Bell asked.

That's why he said that if you are looking for complete home security or to save money on insurance costs, it's best to handle things through a home security dealer.

To contact 'Connect My New Home', you can call (254) 699-4334.