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Therapy dog helps families grieve at Crotty Funeral Home

Posted at 6:22 PM, Feb 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-12 00:43:51-05

BELTON, TX — A funeral home in Belton is offering families a four-legged friend to help comfort them during difficult times.

Crotty Funeral Home Director Jarrah Crotty decided she wanted a therapy dog to offer services at her business.

“I went with a golden doodle because they don’t shed,” said Crotty.

Libby, born in Harker Heights, joined the Crotty family, and began therapy dog training.

Crotty says she takes Libby to schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

Libby is also available to families who hold their funeral services at Crotty Funeral Home, a mother and daughter business in Belton.

If families choose to have the dog present, Libby has a designated mat where she sits during the services.

“People will come and pet Libby. Kids, especially, like to sit with her,” said Crotty. “They usually don’t understand what’s going on, so it helps.”

She says Libby often works services for families who have lost young kids and teenagers.

Crotty was initially worried that people would not want a dog around such private moments.

“People tell me that Libby makes the biggest difference,” said Crotty. “I visit some of them at home even after services.”

Crotty says Libby hasn’t just helped the families at her funeral home.

“People don’t realize, but working in this business takes a lot out of me too,” said Crotty. “She’s helpful for me.”

You can find Libby on Facebook and Instagram under "Libby The Funeral Doodle."