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The Robinson Family Farm prepares for severe weather

Posted: 6:45 PM, May 06, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-06 23:17:48-04
Severe weather impacts farms

TEMPLE, TX — Weather impacts everyone. This is especially true ahead of stormy weather for farmers.

In the time leading up to severe weather, they must prepare to safeguard their grounds and livestock.

“Weather is definitely a stress factor all around the farm. It doesn’t matter if it’s with the animals or with our crops. We depend on the rain so we have a good bountiful crop collection but then you have to get in the fields to get those crops so if it’s too muddy you can’t get what you’re harvesting,” said Helen Robinson, of The Robinson Family Farm.

The Temple business is home to dozens of animals and fields of crops that draw in thousands during special events.

Wind and hail can cause severe damage to crops. This can have major impacts on a farmer’s bottom line.

“Right now we need the rain because we need the maze to grow for the fall and because we are going to be open in a couple of weeks, we don’t need that much rain. I’m sure mother nature is like, make up your mind,” said Robinson.

Keeping their animals safe and comfortable is a top priority.

“They’re not big fans of severe weather so we take all opportunities to bring them in and keep them sheltered. So it’s always fun trying to beat the storms and you’re out here in the middle of the rainstorm trying to get everybody in,” she said.

Flooding is among their chief concerns. The water is not only uncomfortable for animals, but can impact their health. If paddocks become muddy, farmers will lay a bed of straw to dry out the grounds, and keep animals from getting their hooves soaked.

Farmers say that weather does pose challenges, but it is all a part of being a farmer.