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Temple VA Domiciliary works to help veterans get back on their feet

Posted at 2:21 PM, Oct 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-02 15:21:31-04

TEMPLE, TX — From substance abuse to PTSD to mental health, the Temple VA Domiciliary serves more than 100 veterans each week.

One of those veterans is Marine Corps veteran Effie James, who has faced trying times.

"I was homeless and, you know, I was, you know, I was addicted to drugs and I was having mental problems,” said James.

When he needed it most, he found help at the Temple VA Domiciliary, a residential rehab facility.

"They have classes to help you through that, and they also have people you can talk to who's been through the same thing you've been through," explained James.

“[We have] groups on substance abuse. We have groups on mindfulness. We have groups on cognitive behavior therapy. We have lots of different groups,” added Courtney Ma'at, licensed clinical social worker.

James shared he now has a roof over his head and has even received help with job searching.

"After they come to us, we also get them to other avenues to help with other aspects of their life. Like if they're homeless or if they need help with housing," said Ma’at.

"My advice is to take advantage of everything that they offer. That's what I did. I took advantage of everything they offer," said James.

For more information, contact the Temple VA.