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Temple roadways to stay slick overnight, authorities caution drivers

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Posted at 6:48 PM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 19:48:33-05

Over the last 48 hours, alot has been happening on Temple roads, all because of the current winter storm.

The Temple Police Department reported 20 completed transports of persons, and officers also responded to 50 disabled vehicles that ran off the roadways due to weather.

There were 34 vehicle crashes with minor injuries and two 18 wheeler crashes on IH-35 with fuel leaks.

Alejandra Arrejuin, Public Relations Specialist with the City of Temple said, "Roads are still really slick and we are advising the public to stay off them, the sun is coming up, the ice is melting but there are parts that are still dangerous.”

Meteorologists say temperatures will be dropping again tonight, which means roads will freeze over again by morning.

Temple PD safety officials are asking you to stay put and off the roads if you can.