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Temple police to begin downtown parking enforcement

Posted at 11:37 PM, Nov 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-02 00:37:08-04

TEMPLE, TX — As the holidays approach, drivers can expect to see more police, traffic and parking enforcement in Temple.

Downtown Temple's growing popularity has put a bit of a squeeze on parking.

City leaders realized they had become a little lax on the laws, but that's about to change, and hopefully open up downtown to more visitors.

When Patty Pajestka comes to downtown Temple to do business, she plans on a hike.

"You can't ever park in front of the building you're going to, let's just put it that way. That's very rare," she explained.

Downtown Temple has become more popular lately, with everyone from business people to artists coming here, and all finding parking a challenge.

"It feels, cluttered a little bit," said art organizer John John Montelongo, who believes parking gets particularly tight during his First Friday events.

"That kind of creates a little bit of problems for artists who just want to drop off, like she's setting up her display," he said, gesturing to a woman setting up a few feet away.

As the area keeps growing, city leaders expect tighter parking, so they've taken action.

Starting Monday, November 4, Temple Police will start an information campaign with fliers to let people know what constitutes a parking violation and how people can avoid them. Two weeks after, they'll start writing warnings. Two weeks after that, they will issue parking tickets.

"You'll want to pay close attention to the time limit, not parking in alley ways, valet zones,loading zones,things of that nature. As long as you abide by all the ordinances, you should be fine," said Chris Christoff of Temple Police.

Wh a month-long phase-in period, folks in Temple say they'll have time to adjust.

Patty Pajestka hopes it shortens her long hike to the loan office.

"Sounds good to me. Do I think it will help? Yes," she said.

She says what makes downtown thrive is giving more people an opportunity to do business here or just enjoy the art.

Again, the parking enforcement starts Monday, with the actual crackdown starting around December 1.