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Temple NAACP hosts second protest in honor of Michael Dean

Posted at 4:55 PM, Jan 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:43-05

The Temple chapter of the NAACP hosted a second protest in honor of Michael Dean.

Dean was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Temple on December 2. The Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences has cleared the death of Michael Dean a homicide by gunshot wound to the head.

A peace officer involved injuries or death report shows that Michael Dean did not carry, exhibit or use a deadly weapon when he was killed by a police officer.

Community members gathered at the Belton Annex to call for answers.

“We know that the young man did not have a weapon. We know that the young man’s car has been cleaned off. We know that at the accident location, it has been cleaned up. So what are they looking at? What are they investigating?” said Bennie Walsh, President of the NAACP Temple Branch.

A resounding theme throughout the demonstration was transparency.

“The truth don’t need any support to stand up. The truth will stand up by itself. But when you’re not telling the truth then you’ve gotta find a whole lot of other things to support it to help it stand up,” said Gary Smith of the NAACP Temple Branch.

This is the second protest in honor of Dean's death. On December 11, The Temple NAACP gathered in front of Temple City Hall and marched to the Temple Police Department.

“We’re asking for the law enforcement commission to come down and explain to us what is really going on,” said Smith.