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Temple ISD releases information regarding return to school, requirements for in-person and online learning

Posted at 8:24 PM, Jul 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-13 21:32:54-04

TEMPLE, TX — Temple ISD has released information regarding the return to school in the fall.

Parents will be required to inform the district whether their child will participate in in-person or online learning. If a parent selects online learning, the student must commit to the platform for one full grading period.

At any time during the school year, parents can decide to pull their child from in-person learning and opt for online learning. In that scenario, the district will require a minimum commitment for the remainder of the current grading period plus the entire following grading period.

The district may require a student to switch to remote learning due to COVID-19 related illness. Temple ISD says these will be decisions made by the district based on symptoms or testing, and only require the student to participate in remote instruction for the time of self-isolation or quarantine.

According to the district, in-person learning will include the following:

  • Full school day, Mon-Fri
  • Positive COVID-19 cases will be isolated to localized, direct contact treatments and not result in whole school or district-wide closures
  • Student(s) could transition to a remote, home-based option due to a positive COVID-19 case
  • Face coverings required of staff for food handling, transportation and only recommended for other staff in large groups, common areas and passing periods (unless required by order)
  • Face coverings (if required by order) for students in Grades 6-12; and optional for elementary students
  • Teachers may require students over 10 years of age to wear face coverings while in their classrooms. In these cases, the student will be expected to either wear the district-issued cloth face covering or bring one of their own.
  • Visitors & volunteers will not be permitted unless a formal appointment is made
  • Daily screening procedures such as touchless temperature checks
  • Required pick-up within one hour of parents being notified by the school nurse of a child’s illness
  • Bus services as normal, but windows are down temperature permitting
  • Altered specials/electives/extra-curriculars based on conditions allowed and guidance from UIL
  • Frequent handwashing and hand sanitizing (stations throughout the building and classrooms)
  • It is recommended for students to bring their own water bottle
  • Restroom usage limited and regulated
  • Special program services offered as normal
  • Possible reduction in student movement/transitions in buildings
  • Limited sharing of school supplies
  • More assigned seating and workstations
  • Physical distancing in classrooms, as feasible
  • Possible reduction in bus capacity due to number of remote learners
  • Limited activities that require large gatherings

The district says remote, online learning will include the following:

  • Full school day, Mon-Fri
  • Attendance will be taken daily to fulfill local and state requirements
  • All instruction will either be delivered/facilitated online, with workbooks and/or packets
  • Online instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous
  • Assigned TISD teacher and district curriculum
  • TISD teacher will communicate daily/weekly learning expectations in the district learning management system (See Saw/Google Classroom/Schoology, Edgenuity)
  • Daily progress can be made through student learning plans as defined by the teacher in the learning management system
  • Students will be expected to participate in district/state assessments to document student learning and growth as required by the State
  • Students may be required to test on-site at an assessment center
  • Scheduled instruction and interaction will be made available by the virtual teacher
  • Students will turn in daily assignments to the teacher through the Learning Management System (See Saw, Google Classroom, Schoology, Edgenuity)
  • Teachers will provide feedback to students and use district grading guidelines on all assignments
  • Altered specials, extracurriculars and electives
  • Student-issued device will only be provided through an extenuating circumstance provision
  • Internet connection required
  • Social-emotional support provided
  • Special program services available
  • Some electives will have on-campus requirements

The application for parents to make their decision will open at 8 a.m. on August 5 and will close at 5 p.m. on August 7. If no option is made by a parent, the default will be to begin the school year in-person.

Full letter issued to parents: