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Temple High School senior headed to West Point

Posted at 9:24 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-01 17:08:14-05

TEMPLE, TX — A hard-working student from Temple High School is headed to West Point.

Cheerleader and cross country captain Carly Moore will start on July 1.

It's a high honor to get into West Point, the acceptance rate is just 10 percent according to the Princeton Review.

Over the summer, Moore attended summer leadership programs at West Point, the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy and the Coast Guard Academy.

Moore said after the first day, she knew West Point was the place for her.

"It's just really where I found my passion for service," Moore said.

Moore had plans of becoming a doctor after high school and never thought about a career in the military until the summer.

"It was never something that crossed my mind until I found out about these camps," Moore said.

Now, Moore plans on getting the best of both. Her goal is to graduate from West Point as a second lieutenant and lead soldiers. Her long term goal is to become a flight surgeon and attend medical school.

"I want to have a career in the military," Moore said. "I want to serve."

Temple High School Principal Jason Mayo isn't surprised that Moore got into West Point.

"She is an awesome student. Very focused, very driven, great character," Mayo said.

Mayo said Moore has been a leader in academics and in extracurricular activities all four years of high school.

"She sets the example," Mayo said. "She's going to rule the military one day. She has that potential in her. She's tough, she's strong, she's a competitor, she's just a great kid."

Moore said she may not look like West Point material, but she's not going to let that stop her from rising to the top.

"I don't look like someone might look like, applying to West Point," Moore said. "I'm very small in stature and being female, a lot of people ask me 'do you really want to do that?' and yes, nothing else matters. I'm willing to work hard and prove that I am just as capable as anyone else."

Moore's advice to others who want to follow in her footsteps is to not let anyone underestimate what you're capable of.

"They need to go for it," Moore said. "Nothing matters more than your will to succeed and your will to accomplish a goal."

Moore earned her appointment to West Point by Congressman John Carter.