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Temple City Council approves expansion of city's animal shelter

Posted at 10:21 PM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 23:21:35-05

TEMPLE, Texas — Central Texas animal shelters are often at or over capacity, but thanks to a decision by the Temple City Council, that might change for their shelter.

The City Council voted to approve a remodel and expansion project for the animal shelter off Mama Dog Circle in Temple.

”This expansion and remodel is an important project, and additionally, it’s going to make the staffs work here, more efficient and effective as well,” said Kiara Nowlin, interim communications and public relations manager, City of Temple.

The shelter will have extensive remodeling done as well as adding more outdoor yard areas and kennels.

They will be adding 40 new kennels — and it's something the city says it desperately needs.

”We are at capacity a majority of the time," Nowlin said. "So, it’s going to enlarge that actual space of the shelter. Additionally, it is going to climatize the kennels in the current space.”

The news of the project being approved is something Animal Control Officer Kyli Boyd said couldn’t come soon enough.

”It gives us more space to take in more animals and help more people that need to rehome their animals," Boyd said. "Or, just for us to have more space for us picking animals off the street.”

They will also be adding more space for people to visit with animals before adopting. Pet adoption is why, Boyd said, she does the job.

”I wanted to be an Animal Control Officer because I like helping animals," Boy said. "I like seeing the public adopt out animals and fulfill their need to have a pet and another member of the family."

The city has $2.5 million currently budgeted for the project, and its leaders hope to get the project fully underway around May or June of this year.

The Temple Animal Shelter is also holding a half off adoption event through the month of February.