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Tax swap for Killeen will be on May ballot

Posted at 6:16 PM, Feb 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-15 19:16:29-05

KILLEEN, TX — A new law could impact the City of Killeen in a big way by reducing the city's revenue by just over $1 million.

However, city officials say voters could prevent that from happening.

25 News caught up with Mayor of Killeen to learn more on the tax swap.

"What it is, is just the way that we shift the way the city gets this tax revenue," said Mayor Jose Segarra.

Mayor Segarra says he needs voters to get behind the tax swap, which would shift the classification of “additional sales tax” to “general government purposes" for things like public safety, streets and parks.

"If the citizens do not vote for this, then the city will end up losing about $1.1 million of revenue within the budget,” said Segarra.

He says Proposition A will not require citizens to cough up anymore cash.

"If they do vote for it, it is not a tax increase," said Segarra.

Voter Michelle Singh says she needs more information before making her decision, but wants what's best for her city.

"Making Killeen a better place to live and what not, as long as the city has access to the funds, and is going to use it for the right thing,” said Singh.

Voters will find Proposition A on their ballot on May 2.

City officials said they will be providing detailed information to the public so people can decide their vote.