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Texas A&M Central Texas launches new lab focused on cybersecurity

Posted at 11:51 AM, Apr 22, 2022

Technology is embedded into everything we do these days, so it's important to protect it. Over at Texas A&M Central Texas, thanks to some state and university funding, the university is launching a state-of-the-art cybersecurity lab.

Dr. Anitha Chennamaneni, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Computer Information Systems said, "We are doing cutting edge research especially when you see that cybercrime has been increasing more and more. We are relying on technology and networks so that’s giving an opportunity for criminals."

According to a release form the University, the research will include: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms, Techniques and Architectures for Cyber-Threat, Detection and Mitigation, Machine and Deep Learning for Cybersecurity, Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things Security, Cryptographic and Encryption Algorithms and Protocols, 5G Security, Cyber Forensics, IoT Forensics, Privacy Preservation, Systems Security, Authentication Techniques, Security Analytics, Watermarking and Fingerprinting Methods to Verify Integrated Circuit Integrity, Exploration of Scalable Methods of Characterization, and Characterization of New Cybersecurity Materials.

With our increased reliance on technology, Dr. Khoja explains more research is needed to explore the variety of ways systems can be compromised. Students like Frantzy Mesadieu believe this new lab will give students new opportunities to explore the endless possibilities of cyber-attacks.

“In undergrad, we didn’t have a lab like this for students to work with so this is definitely a step forward," he said. “Now we have this actual lab where we are able to take the malware and the viruses or any kind of cyber-attacks and bring it here into this lab to visualize it in an environment that is safe for everybody. Whether it’s individual infrastructure, whether it’s government, medical it is important because we get to prevent cyber-attacks before they happen. This allows me to make a difference”

This project has been in the works for four years according to, Dr. Faiza Khoja, Dean of the College of Business Administration.

“It’s definitely one of the first academic centers in the University house and a college of business administration we are pioneering this and we’re hoping that there will be more to come for the university and for the college itself," said Khoja.

The University also plans to host Cyber Camp summer this summer, for free, to introduce kids into the STEM field.