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Supreme Court rules NCAA cannot ban colleges from providing student-athletes with education related benefits

Posted at 11:17 PM, Jun 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-22 08:13:16-04

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is not above the law, words from The Supreme Court today as they unanimously ruled against the NCAA.

The court ruled the organization can’t ban colleges from providing student-athletes with education-related benefits.

“If there are broadcasting privileges and so forth, then it’s obviously economic activity according to the lower court and the Supreme Court today,” said Texas A&M University-Central associate political science professor, Jeffery Dixon. "That means that it is in fact subject to the anti-collusion rule or employers are in allowed to collude and keep wages and benefits low.”

"They're knocking a little bit more of that amateurism rock off and getting closer to the playing field where student-athletes are a little bit more comfortable," said ESPN Central Texas Radio Host Qiant “Q” Myers. “Not saying that they’re going to get paid but they have the opportunity.”

Under current NCAA guidelines students cannot be paid, and their scholarships are capped out from the cost of attending school which includes tuition, room, and board.

Now, schools will be able to offer student-related expenses like computers, graduation scholarships, and more.

Many believe the ruling opens the door for student-athletes to eventually get paid, especially since some states now allow college athletes to get paid for use of their image and likeness.

“This is gonna be a big-time move for recruitment. You’re gonna be able to recruit and say hey guess what I can not only get you to school, not only can we play for a national championship, but I guarantee you they’re going to be two or three car dealerships,” said Myers.

Many believe the NCAA and schools will figure out a way to control the situation and cap the amount of money and education-related benefits any athlete could get.