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Study: Texas is the best place to start a business

Posted at 6:35 AM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 08:06:49-04

TEMPLE, TX — Comparing all 50 states, a study from WalletHub says Texas is the best place to start a new business.

Becoming a business owner can be tough, and some even fail for the reason of a "bad location." But according to WalletHub, startup businesses can fail and succeed for different reasons.

Temple residents are seeing how starting a business in their community can be a good thing. Rod Henry, the President of the Temple Chamber of Commerce, says they've seen as many as one new business every month or two.

"The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and when somebody takes a step forward, it's exciting to watch them develop the idea," Henry said.

Jacob Rodriguez runs his own hair salon called Dapper & Dashin'. He started just seven months ago and is already seeing his business thrive.

He started looking at the bigger picture and found out what his community wanted.

"Making sure there's a demand or a need for it. I personally sought out a consulting company that focuses on salons and growing salons," Rodriguez said.

This wasn't the first time Rodriguez tried to start his own business, but he never gave up. Once he saw the economy growing, he knew the second time around would be the charm.

"As far as the economic growth and the community is growing and just all the new businesses that are coming to this area, it just made sense," Rodriguez said.

Creating his own local shop in his hometown is all Rodriguez wanted to do. The same goes for restaurateur owner Jacob Bates.

Bates has owned Bird Creek Burger in Temple for two years. With family and friends close by, he wanted a place where they and others can enjoy.

"Temple as a community has always been my home and its always been important to me so where better to grow the roots further," Bates said.

It's never a walk in the park to own your own business. Bates said its all about communication.

"In your head, your ideas are always incredibly successful for yourself but they don't always pan out to the general public. But then you figure it out, you play the game, you listen to your customers, you listen to your employees," Bates said.

Henry sometimes hears the complaint that Temple could become too big, but he's sure the small town feeling won't ever leave.

"As long as we hang on to those kinds of, that kind of fabric of our community, we're going to maintain that small town feeling," Henry said.

If a community never grows, it could mean missing out on something greater.

"You're losing out on new opportunity, not only sales tax opportunity not only on new homes new growth new people," Henry said.

No business can strive without community and customer support. Its the customers that make Rodriguez and Bates continue to do what they do.

"Seriously like I wouldn't be here without my client from the beginning to new clients," Rodriguez said.

"When you spend money from where you are, you're supporting everybody around you," Bates said.

Not only is Rodriguez supporting his family, but he is supporting the community right now as well. He is teaming up with Variety's Peaceable Kingdom Retreat (VPK) for children with special needs. Any wax done at Dapper & Dashin', the salon will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to VPK.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, here are tips and tricks to becoming a business owner.

For a look at the rest of the 50 states and how they ranked when starting a business, visit the WalletHub study.