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Students' phones, watches stolen due to lack of locker space, parents say

Posted at 8:28 PM, Oct 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 21:28:37-04

KILLEEN, TX — Two Killeen ISD parents are speaking out about the lack of proper storage space inside their kids schools.

Christopher Durbin and Rodney Marlbrough attend different KISD high schools, but said their kids are experiencing the same problem when it comes to lockers.

"These kids need their lockers. They need a place to secure their stuff," Durbin said.

According to both parents, expensive items were recently stolen from backpacks during the day due to inadequate or non-existent lockers at Ellison High School and Harker Heights High School.

Durbin said his son had his watch stolen after he left his backpack out during gym class because all of the working lockers were taken.

"He said that he did put it in the top of his backpack, but his backpack had to be left out in the open in the locker room," Durbin said.

After a campus visit, Durbin said that all of the lockers on campus were zip tied so students could not access them.

Marlbrough's daughter had a similar experience at Harker Heights High School when her cell phone was stolen from her backpack.

"When I say she lost the cell phone, I mean she actually had it stolen from her," Marlbrough said.

He also said that students are forced to put their cell phones in unsafe wire baskets during gym class.

Both parents said that they hope the district will recognize the need to provide students with safe, adequate storage areas due to the fact that most students carry cellphones to school.

Killeen ISD responded Thursday saying they believe they provide students with plenty of necessary storage space, and that zip-tied lockers at Ellison High School can be used if the student goes to the front office and requests one of the empty lockers.