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Animal shelter euthanization in Killeen doubled since last year: Report

Posted at 8:42 AM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-15 09:55:12-04

KILLEEN, Texas — One by one, four members of the Killeen Animal Advisory Committee resigned in protest.

“At this time, I hear by submit my resignation as a member and the vice-chair of the Killeen Animal Advisory Committee, effective immediately," Linda Marzi said.

The now former committee chair and vice-chair said that for years they’ve recommended the city improved foster program, sponsor kennels and other ideas to manage the Killeen Animal Shelter... but little has changed.

“Anytime we put any advisement or any suggestions, nothing was ever really implemented or any of the ideas we brought forward," Marzi said.

"It felt like we were wasting our time on the committee."

“All of a sudden we’re thinking. What have we accomplished in six years? Why did they not help us?” Marzi said.

She added that a major reason for their decision was skyrocketing number of animals euthanized.

According to the city of Killeen, 983 animals have been euthanized this year at the Killeen Animal Shelter, more than double the number this time last year.

“151 just in the month of August," Marzi said.

"Just in the month of August,

"There are several other months this year that have been over 125, 121,”

“That averaged to like five a day,

"Too many not sustainable numbers that we needed to have and then get you far away from being a ‘no-kill shelter,’” Duke, local animal rights activist, said.

A shelter must have a 90-percent live release rate to be considered a no-kill shelter.

The former member said the city has implemented spay and neuter programs and added play pins to the shelter, but more needs to be done.

“The numbers are just astronomical and we just feel like we need to do something more to help,"

"It may be better not being on the committee rather than being on the committee because not much is happening,” Duke said.

“I gotta work with transporters, they have to work at rescues."

"They gotta get them out," Marzi added.

"Like they say it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to save an animal,”

The former members also said that two veterinarians that were on the committee also resigned within the last week.

We did reach out to the city of Killeen for comment, but they weren’t able to get back to us in time for the story.