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Scottish man biking around the world hit by car traveling 70 mph in Central Texas

Posted at 12:42 PM, Dec 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-26 18:48:48-05

Josh Quigley says his mission is to become "the most successful cyclist and greatest athlete of all time." The first step in that journey? Cycle around the world.

The Scottish native has already biked across Australia, Europe, Asia, and is currently trying to conquer the United States. However, that dream is now on pause.

On December 22, Quigley posted he had been involved in a car accident.

He said he doesn't remember much, but was told by police that he was struck from behind by a vehicle driving at 70 mph. The impact launched him 50 feet away from his bike.

Quigley said the crash happened at night while he was wearing reflective clothing and had "strong rear lights."

Quigley was told another vehicle stopped and rendered aid after calling 911.

An helicopter arrived and flew him to Baylor Scott & White in Temple were doctors found a laundry list of injuries.

He suffered:

  • A fractured ankle.
  • A fractured heel bone.
  • A fractured pelvis.
  • 10 fractured ribs.
  • A pierced lung from rib fracture.
  • A fractured skull.
  • An issue with an artery to the brain.
  • A tube in his chest to stop his lung from collapsing.

He said it looks like it will take six to eight weeks before he can walk or bike; and even though this has put his dream of biking across the globe on pause, Quigley says he's "just happy to be alive."

"I'm so close now and finishing is not debatable, I will finish, its just a case of when now."

Quigley has five days worth of cycling to complete his journey, which will end in Florida when he is fully recovered.