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Samsung semiconductor factory to bring thousands of jobs to Central Texas

Posted at 1:26 PM, Nov 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-26 06:24:35-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — Driving to Austin for work at The University of Texas is not a problem for Killeen Resident Tasha Robert.

“Austin is one of the highest costs of living markets around in the Central Texas area and Belton, Killeen and Harker Heights are very reasonable,” said Killeen Resident Tasha Robert.

Even though the capital city is an hour away she said it’s simple.

“I’ve been doing it for 17 years once you get on the highway you get used to it. It’s too easy," said Robert.

This week, Samsung announced its planning to build a $17 billion semiconductor factory outside of Austin, in Williamson County, potentially bringing thousands to live in Central Texas.

“The construction of facility and Williamson County is supposed to create 6,500 construction jobs. In addition to that, it will create 2,000 new high-tech jobs. It’s likely will be opening for people as far as way as Bell County to meet that need,” said Texas A&M Central Texas Interim Department Chair of Finance accounting and Economics Robert Tennant.

While housing prices are rising in Bell County, they are still not as high as larger Texas cities. Experts say many will make the drive for the right price.

“There are many residents that Scheer Williamson and Bell County and Milam County as a workforce destination. That’s very much the same labor share. We do see a lot of commute back-and-forth,” said Workforce Solutions of Central Texas Director of Industry and Education Partnerships Charley Ayres.

Samsung representatives expect the Texas project to be the company’s largest investment in the U.S. Local experts say lure graduates from Baylor, Texas A&M University and other colleges to stay and work in Central Texas.