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Salado Public Library helping storm victims find lost items

Posted at 2:35 PM, Apr 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-21 15:35:45-04

SALADO, Texas — If you’re one of the hundreds directly impacted by last week’s massive tornado near Salado and you’re missing something valuable, stop by the town library.

“Someone came in and found family photos," said Salado Public Library Director Jeanie Lively.

"They got a family photo made and they found that. Plus they found their son's school pictures,”

Folks are dropping off military records, holiday decorations, toy bunnies... and other lost items to the library, so storm victims can track them down.

“Someone suggested in a Facebook post that we do this,” said Lively.

“They said they did it in Jarrell when they had that large tornado in the 90s. We thought that was a really good idea.”

The library is also offering Wi-Fi, and other services.

“We are faxing," said Lively.

"You can also scan and email. We’re helping people that need to get online to take care of insurance claims,”

They’re also collecting cupcakes, cookies and other sweets for the families feeling so much pain.

“The crew and the families have had food brought to them, but not so many sweets. Everybody likes sweets,” said Cherry Crawford, who had donated her home-baked cookies.

These sweet gestures are to help those in their community who need it the most.

“My granddaughter has some friends who lost all their homes," Crawford said.

"We just wanna do anything to help.”

While the library doesn’t expect to recover everything their neighbors may have lost, Lively said every little bit still helps.

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