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Rogers residents go days without water due to TxDOT bypass construction

Posted at 7:55 AM, Jul 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-27 08:55:14-04

ROGERS, TX — Several folks in Rogers are heated with the city and TxDOT.

“They’ve known this for a long time, and they didn’t give me any warning whatsoever,” said Rogers resident Billy Smith.

“No information about possibly switching out how much. Might be water disruption. Nothing,” said Local Property Owner Keith Huhman.

They went days without water after a crew building a bypass near their homes, hit their water line last week, putting Amanda Plant in a tough spot.

“I’ve got four kids. Me and four kids by myself. I need to wash clothes, they need to bathe,” said Rogers resident Amanda Plant.

“They’ve had to use bottled water to flush the toilet and rinse dishes and do whatever they can to get by,” said Huhman.

Billy Smith said they had over a dozen people at his house for a family reunion this weekend and having no water made it hectic.

“My wife and I are in our 70s and it was rough,” said Smith.

Plant’s brother-in-law Huhman, who owns her home, said when he reached out to the contractors doing the construction, they notified Roger City Officials about the waterline before construction began, but the city did not take action.

“They again told him two weeks ago and they assumed that Rogers did their portion of what they talked about weeks ago,” said Huhman.

Huhman said when the line broke, they were given a letter notifying them that the line was broken, and it would not be fixed.

“They said due to the expense of going underneath the road it was something they wouldn’t be able to do,” said Huhman.

“I was upset. I was upset that they would not even offer anything. They said we not gonna fix it and good luck. They did not even bring any water," Huhman also said they now they to get water through Milam County.

“They said the resident should have to pay the membership and meter fee. The letter doesn’t say how much but the city of Rogers told me that the meat if he was $5000.”

“$5000 is it something you can just come up with a necessity that you’ve had out there for years.”

The city put in a temporary line to give the residents water. They’re hoping that at tomorrow’s council meeting they will help them find a more permanent solution.

We reached out to the city of Rogers for a common but received no response.