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Push back against proposition to decriminalize low level possession of marijuana in Killeen

Posted at 8:21 PM, Nov 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-28 21:21:37-05

Proposition A, the bill to decriminalize low-level possession of Marijuana in Killeen and Harker Heights was voted upon by citizens on November 8 with a majority of citizens in favor of decriminalizing the plant.

The effort to decriminalize up to four ounces of marijuana passed with flying colors in Killeen and Harker Heights. Now, law enforcement is joining the city council and pushing back leaving voters wondering if their votes really matter.

“Over 3,000 signatures that we obtained in Harker Heights and Killeen, they pushed back they ignored their vote, if they wasn’t going to make a decision to agree with the ordinance, they shouldn’t have put it on the ballot," said Shirley Fleming, a former council member.

Joshua Plowick spoke out against the passing of the proposition on behalf of the Killeen Police Department.

“This statute and ordinance blatantly violates state law … the probable cause that this would eliminate, does in fact cause more violent criminals, more stolen weapons, more violence to not be hindered, because it doesn’t allow us the ability to cease said items and potentially put those folks in jail.”

Officers see it as backlash to them but for the 70 percent of people who voted in favor of decriminalizing the plant, they too feel left with the short end of the stick.

“They voted to allow it to go on the ballot, it went on the ballot, the people made their choice, close to 70 percent of people made their choice and they are just ignoring their choice," said Shirley.

On December 6 council members will meet again to discuss what decriminalization of low-level possessions of marijuana will look like for Killeen.