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Proposed community center in east Temple under consideration

Posted at 8:57 PM, Mar 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 21:57:40-05

TEMPLE. TX — A Temple advocacy group is pushing to open a new community center in the city’s east side.

Citizens for Progress proposed the former Hornsby-Murcherson Funeral Home be the site for the new center. The building is a city-owned facility that has gone untouched for several years.

“It was available, it was sitting here, and we thought why not breathe new life in it,” said Sonjanette Crossley, Citizens for Progress advocate.

She says the building is an ideal location as the city continues to develop.

“It’s very near to my heart because I feel like the east side needs an opportunity to have a place to come together,” said Dr. Sue Hamby, Citizens for Progress advocate.

The group pitched a proposal in a city council workshop. They highlighted some of the uses for the facility in their presentation including mentoring youth, entrepreneurship classes and leadership programs.

“I think this will be a catalyst, it’s going to stimulate growth and do other things. So we’re excited about it,” said Hamby.

At the workshop, City Manager Brynn Myers noted that this is an opportunity to enter into a partnership with Citizens for Progress and transfer the property. The group would be obligated to use the facility as it is proposed, and if not used in that capacity, the property would be returned back to the City of Temple.

The city said in a statement, “Citizens for Progress understands the condition of the building and what repairs will be necessary, and are willing to work with others in the community to see that that happens.”

This proposal will be on a future council agenda for further consideration by the City Council.