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Program aims to keep your kids healthy and active this summer

Posted at 7:59 AM, Jun 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-04 13:36:12-04

TEMPLE, TX — Keeping your kids healthy and active during the summer months is vital. Being outside for just 30 minuets a day is better than sitting on the couch playing video games.

For Lisa Kelly and her daughter Liv, she wants only the best when it comes to her kids health so she too stays active and fit whenever possible.

"Once I had kids it really kind of changed my perspective because I really wanted to make sure they had all the tools they had going forward they had a good role model moving forward," Kelly said.

Children often learn from the ones they are surrounded by.
"We want our kids to be around others who are up who's moving who's active and is doing the right thing," Kelly said.

Entering her daughter in the Healthy Kids Running Series, Liv overcame a quarter half mile run. On top of being active they are promoting another important cause.

"The goal of Healthy Kids running series is to decrease the rates of childhood obesity and encourage kids to get outsIde in a fun and inclusive environment," Tanya Taylor said, Community Coordinator with Healthy Kids Running.

Childhood obesity can be a serious issue when someone is not taking teh right steps for a healthy diet.

"Research shows that one in every 5 children in the state of Texas are obese and actually we're the 6th state in high rates of obesity," Taylor said.

Although putting a kid on a diet isn't the best idea, rather you should just adjust the type of foods they are eating,

"So I try to stay away from using that term [diet] and just say change what you eat and improve what you eat. Rather than putting kids on a diet really quickly," Jonathan Seale said, Ascension Providence Physician.

If you want to know when your child is getting the most nutritious meal look at the colors of their food.
According to Choose My Plate its best when there is something red, green, a protein starch and dairy in each meal.

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