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Power crews gear up for incoming ice storm

Posted at 10:29 PM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 23:34:10-05

BELL COUNTY — Much of Central Texas is going to be covered in ice Thursday morning, and that includes the powerlines - raising the potential for power outages.

When rain falls in sub-freezing temperatures, it’s easy for ice to build up on powerlines and that usually means we may see outages.

”We don’t see this winter weather as much as we do in other places. So, our power structure isn’t as good as it is in other places. Our lines aren’t made to withstand a lot of weight of ice and snow.” said David Nobles, Training Specialist for MasTec Utility Services.

It’s why companies like MasTec Utility Services and Oncor already have crews at the ready.

”In the past week, we have had time to coordinate with our crews across Oncor to make sure that everybody is in spots all across the service area. To make sure that, when they do respond, they don’t have to go far.” said Jen Myers, Meteorologist and Spokesperson for Oncor.

Those crews are made up of well-trained professionals like the linemen that work tirelessly to repair damaged powerlines.

”These folks are prepared. So, the linemen are just like, the mavericks of the power industry. They're our superheroes that go out there,” said Myers.

And those superheroes repair damage of all kinds and in all weather conditions and they are ready for the ice headed our way.

”Just like hurricanes, we always stage out in front of the storm coming in. So, we can get the power back on as quickly as possible. We don’t go home until the lights are back on.”

Oncor says they also have some 1,500 additional workers coming from 10 nearby states state to help restore power where needed as part of their Mutual Assistance Program.