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Popular snow cone shack remembers 'Granny' on Mother's Day

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-12 23:34:26-04

TEMPLE — After the passing of their great-grandma, Loraine Mundy Stewart, her son and great grand daughter, Skylar Stewart began to cook up a plan to honor her memory and keep her loving spirit alive.

"She had lots and lots of great grand kids and lots and lots of grand kids and five kids...she was just always the center of attention and always had a smile on her face...she radiated joy and happiness and that what I always try to do here," Skylar said standing in front of the business started in her great-grandmother's honor.

In 2012, Granny's Shaved Ice of Temple began humbly aside the road in Holland, Texas, after Skylar and her grandfather invested the small inheritance given to them after great-grand mother Loraine's passing.

"With that money they bought a trailer and set this up because that's what granny liked to do...anything that she could do to just meet people and get out and talk, she was a talker!" said Skylar's father, Loraine's grandson, Ron Stewart.

Originally began to keep the loving spirit of their matriarch alive, has accomplished that and much more. Growing into a booming business that the family has to have all hands on deck to manage the mass amount of people coming to get a cold treat.

"I love to meet, and I've met so many regulars and so many friends and they just keep me going. I truly love children and the community and its awesome to build relationships through a snow cone...sounds funny but I've built so many new relationships from literally just making them a snow cone," said Skylar.

Granny's Shaved Ice is located on 8307 W Adams Ave, Temple, Texas, 76502