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Pet pig at risk of being taken from its home by the city

Posted at 7:23 PM, Apr 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-18 20:23:17-04

A pet pig in Killeen is at risk of being confiscated by the city. The owner says the pig is her emotional support animal and that no animal should have to be re-homed.

Though Jewelianna Jones' apartment allows it, the city says it goes against ordinances and is considered livestock. Jones said the animal is a part of her family it's not livestock.

A professional in the area of Psychology, Andria Schwegler added, "We have to make it clear, emotional support animals are not considered service animals... service animals are protected but emotional support animals are not... they think that maybe it's just a food source and not much else could come from that."

Mellisa Brown a city council member with the City of Killeen made a statement, "The city has not come out with an official statement other than even though the landlord said its allowable, the ordinances says it's not."

In the meantime, Jewelianna has been working overtime to keep her pet pig. She's started a petition, 'Keep Penny May Home.' It's gotten 5000 signatures already.

The city makes a final decision on May 1 on Penny May the pig's final and permanent destination.