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Parents react to in-person learning at KISD schools

Posted at 6:33 PM, Sep 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 19:33:42-04

KILLEEN, TX — With the first weeks of in-person classes in full swing at KISD schools, we spoke to some parents to see how the days are going.

The first day jitters were heightened with new COVID-19 procedures in all KISD schools, but some parents say their kids tell them they are just glad to be back.

"Not having that warm and fuzzy meet the teacher kind of day that you normally would have. You know, we just prayed a lot and gave it to God,” said Billy Bob Bridges.

With 6 kids returning to in-person learning, Billy Bob Bridges says some of his children are still trying to adjust to a few of the changes.

“For them I think the disappointing thing was you know everybody wants to socialize at lunch but they had to sit separated so that was something that they were didn’t really enjoy," said Bridges said.

"She was telling me at the middle school, she was like mom did you know that they’re sanitizing between every class?" another KISD parent, Rebekah Moon said.

After the first day, Rebekah Moon got a full report from her two kids.

Moon says she feels KISD has been transparent with what they are doing to keep everyone safe.

“They’re communicating clearly we know what's happening, we know what the expectations are. They’ve told us how they’re going to sanitize, how they’re keeping the kids apart as much as possible,” said Moon.

"Our parents really trust us and know that we are doing things with their safety in mind as well as employees," said Taina Maya, Killeen Independent School District Chief Communications Officer.

Maya says since the announcement of in-person learning, they have been working to gain and keep parent's trust.

"Classrooms probably had anywhere between 5 - 17 children in a classroom and were a safe distance from each other, from what I could see. All of those kids had their mask on and were excited to really begin learning," Maya said.

But in order for everyone to stay safe, Maya says it's going to be a team effort.

"We need to make sure that our kids are healthy when they are coming back so maybe if they seem a little sluggish, it might be okay for them to do virtual learning for the day,” said Maya.

"If your kid is sick keeps them at home that’s key. I’m trusting all the parents to make that great decision, by sending my kid and I’ll do the same for you," Moon added.

Some parents are concerned about communication from the district, one parent in particular says she wishes the school district would communicate better with special needs parents and the resources they have available.