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Officials discuss policy in the wake of Michael Dean case

Posted at 9:48 PM, Feb 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:44-05

KILLEEN, TX — As the Michael Dean case continues to unfold, many are asking what changes to policy and procedure will come in the future, if any.

In the midst of the storm, Mayor Tim Davis says the city has been actively selecting a new chief of police.

“As you know, we’re bringing on a new chief, and with that chief we’ll make a strong assessment of the Temple Police Department, and at that point we’ll make any necessary changes,” said Davis.

Meanwhile, Interim Chief Jim Tobin says an after-action review is in order.

“We will look at how we perform as an agency. During the incident, after the incident, and look to see where we need to improve our training, safety, and service to the community,” said Tobin.

Transparency and a lengthy wait for justice were highly criticized.

“These investigations are often timely, but it’s important that we have a thorough and accurate investigation,” Tobin responded to the claims.

Mayor Davis weighed in on the openness of the investigation and what he would like to see for the future.

“I believe more could have been done. I’ve said that more than once, and in the future we’ll do a better job with that,” said Davis.

The internal investigation at the Temple Police Department is ongoing. It is expected to come to a wrap at the end of the month.