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Non-profit asking community to sponsor foster children for back to school clothes

Posted at 9:57 PM, Jul 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-27 22:57:45-04

Back to school season is officially upon us, many families are already shopping for school supplies and new clothes.

For most kids going back to school is exciting, but for foster kids who often are starting at a new school with new teachers and a new family, it can be daunting.

For kids in the foster care system, having new school supplies and clothes is not usually the norm. The Garden of Hope Central Texas is making sure kids in their care have everything they need to put their best foot forward.

You know what they say, if you look good you feel good. For some foster children feeling like their best isn't an everyday thing.

"That is super life-changing for some of these kids," Jasmine Spain, an assistant case manager said.

Staff at the Garden of Hope Central Texas want to make sure the kids in their care feel like the school hallway is their own red carpet. The non-profit is asking community members to sponsor a child if they can. To ensure they can provide their kids with the perfect first-day outfit.

Spain says seeing the reaction on the kids' faces when they get their new clothes is priceless.

"They go around and show everyone their new shoes. Sometimes kids cry, sometimes they haven’t had new shoes in a long time. It’s very important to have normalcy so that they feel like they were part of something," Spain said.

"This is their home," Alesha Ausborne the Director of Human Resources said. "So, we are kind of acting as their parents would act, and that’s what our parents would do for us. It just creates a sense of confidence."

Currently, there are 42 children between the Killeen and Salado facilities, kids from ages 4 to 17 all needing sponsors.

"Things are expensive nowadays and we have quite a few teenagers you know. They want nice shoes and an outfit, you know a great outfit for the first day! So our goal will be $100 per child," Ausborne said.

They're hoping you can give if you can because they've seen the community's generosity make the difference.

All sponsor updates have been posted on their Facebook page. Donation information is there too. Click here for more information.

As an emergency shelter for foster children, they are always accepting donations for toiletries and day-to-day essentials.