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New data released on Top 5 most dangerous roadways in Killeen

Posted at 6:39 AM, Sep 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-22 12:22:48-04

KILLEEN, Texas — If you’ve seen an accident in Killeen most likely, you’ve seen it somewhere near I-14.

“I was applying for jobs that Spirit Halloween and I saw three crashes. One of them involved three cars the other one was two,” Killeen resident Alexander Wright said.

Alexander Wright recently moved back to Killeen after five years in Colorado. He said it is just like he remembers, dangerous.

“It’s just kind of like man, same old same old. I left and I came back and there is still the same stuff happening,” said Wright.

Killeen police released data on its Top 5 most dangerous roadways from last year and they all happen to be intersections along Central Texas Parkway or I-14.

Below is the crash data and the Top 5 are all along Central Texas Expressway for 2021, according to Killeen police:

CTE IntersectionTotal
Ft Hood80
WS Young33

“There’s just a lot of high-speed stuff going on. You will see speeders on those roads constantly,” Killeen resident Pat Galanfy said.

The I-14 and Fort Hood Street intersection — racked up the most accidents last year at 80. Rosewood Drive, Stan Schlueter Loop, WS Young and Trimmer intersections along I-14 are also on that list road. All totaling 258 accidents last year.

“Stan Schlueter and Elm Road, the access road, we probably see wrecks there at least one a month,” said Galanfy.

“What are the major things we see at the intersection is that inside lane that needs to make that left-hand turn that goes underneath the bridge,” said Killeen Police Department Traffic Investigator Fred Baskett. “Most people are not paying attention to the signs why their approaching to that — and they are trying to go straight when the middle lane is trying to turn as well. We are seeing T-bone accidents.”

Killeen police said they also seen a drop in accidents compared to this time last year, mostly due the federally funded STEP program. The program allows officers to take some time to monitor roadways while off duty.

“The state will grant us money," Baskett said. "So officers can go out on their own time, not on patrol and not near Traffic and go ahead and enforce those hazardous violations."

“I notice a lot more of them on the roads I saw about five of them within a five-hour period. I see them on the road a lot more now and I think that has helped,” Galanfy.

Killeen police say they have put in an application to hopefully get that program back again next year.

They also say they just do not hand out citations but normally through the program they pull people over and educate them on yielding to the right of way another safe driving practices.