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'Not too late': Top things to know about finishing your degree in Central Texas

Posted at 1:13 PM, Dec 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-15 14:13:08-05

CENTRAL TEXAS — For those in Central Texas who are thinking about going back to pursue their tertiary education but having doubts - there's a way to do so without hassle at the universities that are in the area.

The college board also found the cost of an education in the US at public institutions jumped by 35 percent.

At Texas A&M Central Texas, the university makes a pathway for transfer students who could not afford to complete their classes elsewhere.

“We like to support a unique community which is those students who have done their course work but haven’t completed their degree yet," said Alba Cook, the director of recruitment.

"So our job is to inform them about TAMUCT, support them in that process in hopes for them to enroll.”

Shaniya Lane - a soon-to-be college graduate - has already enrolled in courses at the university.

“I’m studying criminal justice, social work …criminology, and it’s really cool this is my first semester actually being on campus since everything is online.” Lane said.

Texas A&M Central Texas was also ranked as the second most affordable public university in the state of Texas.

A price Alba hopes will make it easier to successfully complete your degree without having to leave your home, Central Texas.