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Mickey’s Dog Park in Killeen to be closed for several weeks

Posted at 4:18 PM, Oct 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-06 18:30:40-04

Mickey’s Dog Park in Killeen is a popular place for many people in the area to give their furry friends a place to run around.

”Sometimes I don’t come on the weekends, but I try to make it every day,” said Roy Smith, who takes his dogs to the park every day. “Every morning to take my dogs out to play and interact with other dogs and stuff.”

While the park is a daily stop for some, it’s an occasional break for folks like drug dog trainer Rhonda Low.

”I’m always looking for a place to let the dogs out and let them blow off a little steam,” said Low. “They travel in crates so they’re confined during the day. It’s always nice and clean, the grass is always well kept, and the people I meet here are good people too.”

Having a place for your four-legged friends to blow off steam won’t be Mickey’s Dog Park for the next few weeks and it’s all about making the grass greener than it is now.

”The park is going to be closed starting Monday the 10th of October, for three weeks because we’re going to be over-seeding the dog park with Winter Rye Grass,” said Keilah Reyes, Parks and Grounds superintendent for Killeen.

The goal is to make sure that bad weather doesn’t bring a muddy mess into your car by adding a much thicker layer of grass.

”A neon green shag carpet look for the whole park,” said Reyes. “That’s going to be something that’s going to allow the community to enjoy the park and outdoor activities until spring and it will be great because their dog’s not going to get all muddy.”

Folks that go to Mickeys Dog Park said they will just have to go somewhere else for now.

”I’m probably going to be going to Harker Heights until they get this one done because my dogs are so used to the park and being around other dogs that I don’t want to take this away from them,” said Smith.

While the city works to give your furry family members a nicer place to run around and have a good time, there are other places you can take your dogs including in cities like Harker Heights and Temple.