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Mental health numbers up among college students.

Posted at 7:07 PM, Sep 16, 2022

The latest reports from the CDC says suicide takes the lives of 45,000 Americans each year.

A nonprofit group at Baylor University focuses on young people's mental health and aims to help students on college campuses.

Felise Pressler, a sophomore at Baylor University and part of Active Minds is raising awareness in the month of September more than ever.

"Essentially what that means is that people are needing help now more than ever, but there might still be that barrier to go and get that help," said Pressler.

September is Suicide Prevention Month so students and other advocates are going all out to put an end to the stigma around mental health by raising awareness, both on campus and off the campus grounds.

"That’s what active minds does, we are really striving to destigmatize mental health and make sure everyone knows it's not embarrassing, it's not a weakness, and its not your fault for needing help," Pressler said.

In regards to those seeking help, Amy Buchanan, a counselor at Texas State Technical College said an increasing number of students are seeking help.

"On our side, we’re seeing an increase in students coming to see us for anxiety and depression, those have always been the top two issues that we see within our student population," said Buchanan.

Hence the reason why students like Pressler, are stepping up.

“They’ve recently learned that college students demographic ages 18-24 have had a huge spike in suicidal ideation so far, this is obviously a huge concern coming up the amount of students experiencing that, that they get help and can seek resources," Pressler said.

The suicide prevention line is 988.