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Majority of roads damaged during 2021 Winter Blast are fixed: Killeen city leaders

Posted at 10:07 AM, Oct 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-28 11:07:07-04

Whether you call it "SnowVID," "Snowmagedon” or the "Big Freeze," last year's winter blast decimated just about every road in Killeen, causing up to $40 million worth of damage.

“Before the roads were decent, but after that storm, they’re terrible now,” said Killeen resident Estavon Williams.

When you take a drive around Killeen nearly a year and a half later, much has improved.

“As far as 81 which were damaged, I can pretty much tell you that all of them have been repaired or in the process of getting repaired,” Killeen City Commissioner Jose Segarra said.

City commissioners say they increased the street maintenance fee and passed a bond speeding up repairs.

While several roads were fixed, some drivers say there are still trouble spots, especially on Stagecoach and Bunny Trail.

“Bunny Trail by the Walmart, that’s a fairly new subdivision and it looks terrible," Williams said. "Go to school over there in a fire department. How are families getting the help they need and the road is crooked."

“Those are the ones that require that major engineering work where you gotta go into it a lot deeper than four inches,” said Segarra.

City council members say finishing everything could take up to another two years. However, now they are thinking ahead to prepare for future natural disasters.

“We invested about $11 million along with our fire department to build an emergency center," Segarra said. "It’s like a control center so we’re better prepared to manage all the different resources."

The city is also invested in generators to continue pumping clean water during natural disasters.